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Our Mission

Since 2018, CSF has been influential in passing over 1000 pieces of pro-sportsmen legislation at both the state and federal levels

From America's very founding… hunting, fishing, recreational shooting, and trapping have been direct demonstrations of the individual freedoms granted to our citizens. The ability to experience nature as a participant creates an undeniable kinship with wildlife, and is not reserved for the elite, wealthy or privileged. All Americans have the opportunity to be more than spectators in our country's great outdoors.

But these rights come at a cost and risk being taken for granted. Access to public lands, game management and conservation are in jeopardy every day. Policies and legislation – intentional or not – threaten to limit the rights our forefathers instituted for us.

For more than 30 years, the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation has been the nation's leading authority and most effective outdoor advocacy organization in developing and defending legislation that protects and advances our outdoor traditions. We bring together outdoor businesses, trade associations, non-profits and concerned individuals to educate, engage, and support the policy makers advocating on behalf of America's sportsmen and women.